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BSG - Gencon 2006

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So I've got all the material for my brown belt test (seen it anyway, remembering it all is an issue). Except for that part where I have to do 40 pushups and... yeah, ow. So, I grabbed the Hundred pushups app that a couple of friends recommended, and I started working on it. Pushups are tough, yo.

C went to Camp Galileo this week, and had a blast. I'm pretty impressed with it, and I would definitely recommend it. She may get to go to another one this summer,even. We'll see.

Work is work; many of my team members are off the next two weeks, so that should be..a touch crazy. Hopefully nothing explodes, but there's ALWAYS something.

Cheating can be fun, too

BSG - Gencon 2006

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C is reading the Thea Stilton books. They're chapter books, but there's a good amount of pictures, colorful fonts and visually interesting things that are great for a reader at her level and age. There's only one problem with them - there's occasional 'handwritten' passages, which are in cursive.

She doesn't know how to read cursive. So she's coming to the adults for help, which is great. It shows me she's really reading it.

She also hates to write. Really, really hates.

She got two new books tonight. She asked me for help with the cursive. So when we got home, I printed out charts of the uppercase and lowercase cursive letters - ones that had 'regular' letters printed next to it.

I took the charts, a notepad and a pencil out to her and said "It's like a code. Look for the letter on the chart, then write down the letter YOU know on the notepad. You'll be able to translate the code and read the message."

She got very excited. "OO, thanks mom!"

Me: . o O ( You're going to learn cursive and practice your handwriting. BOOYAH. )


BSG - Gencon 2006

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We went to Fogo de Chao last night for my birthday. We've been wanting to try one of the Brazilian churrascarias since they opened here (hot damn, I even spelled that correctly the first time!). We took the kids, too. I suspect we will never have to endure another birthday dinner at Sizzler for the sake of the young lady in our house. I think she was in heaven. "NO. THAT NEEDS TO STAY GREEN SO I CAN HAVE MORE MEAT MOM." Also, "DO NOT TURN OFF THE MEAT FAUCET."

This is my carnivore child, yes.

Things that amused me today:

One of my coworkers said "I'm going to this conference and they asked for a local contact for the childcare form. I put you down so if I die you can pick up my child."
Me: "I would prefer you did not drop dead, but I have an extra infant seat so it's covered just in case."

My coworkers have an unhealthy obsession with memes for communication.

I found a list of killer braid tutorials.

Holy crap, I think I need to actually install a wysiwyg on this thing. I've gotten JUST enough use out of the button that makes me a link magically that I am missing it. How sad is that?

I have paid pretty much zero attention to WWDC; unless a new iPhone is coming out in the fall, which I would potentially acquire to replace my current one, I am pretty much out of craps to give on that front.

Everyone who is eligible in my house to read _Skin Game_ has finished it. I picked up Urban Shaman with an intent to reread most of the series before the final Walker Papers book is due at the end of the month :D


Here I sit

BSG - Gencon 2006

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Because my desire to blog outweighs my ability to actually do so. At the moment, the little guy is not sleeping even though he should be. So I'm writing a post, go me.

Since we last our intrepid adventurer, there's been a bunch of stuff.

We have a new kitchen. It's super fantastic. There's a real working dishwasher, under the counter! There's a sink with a spray nozzle. There's a fridge that makes sparkling water (that was a hell of an indulgence). The countertop looks amazing and ... There are places for everything! And you can fit multiple butts and they don't hit each other! Amusingly, we got a package from the company that made the countertop. They sent us a cheese board that matched the countertop.

I love our new kitchen.

While the kitchen was being redone, we vacated the house and went do Disneyland. We got several chances to visit with some friends while there. We also did legoland. Man, after Disney, legoland is, well, a total waste. It looks flat out shabby in comparison. There are hardly any employees to be seen. The rides are poor, or cost extra. Seriously - R couldn't go on most of the rides, and the older one found them fairly boring. The legoscapes were cool but they were definitely not a hundred bucks a person worth of cool.

C got sick during the trip. I got it on the way home, and we spent most of the next week being sick with various things.

We are starting to get back into the swing of things now. Kublacon was this past weekend and it was pretty fun, as usual. The young players room is terrific, and the staff was awesome to C. We picked up a bunch of games: a Dominion expansion (cornucopia), Star Realms, Race for the galaxy, P.e.r.k., a couple of decks for the My little pony ccg, lords of waterdeep. Maybe something else. There were many games of Wooden Wars, which C had a ball at. To the point where the guy who runs the games saw her and said "I have extra units, want to play?" has some of the units - he's clearly behind :)

All the things, all of the time

BSG - Gencon 2006

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Work is work. It's busy, there's lots to do. We've got new goals and they're going to be tough to meet.

In the last week and a half I've:
Had young Miss E over for a playdate with C, because both her parents needed to do things where having her there would have been at best BORING TO DEATH for her.

Hosted the Brauer family for several days, and former co-worker Alex J. It was a real treat to hang out with all of them because the guys and I all have been coworkers (or at least worked for the same company) at one point or another, so there's plenty of opportunity to chat about history and stuff. Sarah is a terrific lady that I really like to hang out with too; and our older kids get along like peanut butter and chocolate.

We also had my brother and one of my nieces here for a couple of days. I think C doesn't know what to do with herself now that all her friends are gone again.

I've done a ton of laundry; I'm hoping to avoid doing much more until the kitchen remodel (no, these aren't really related, I just hate doing the laundry. but I like having clean underpants).

I'm at the dojo 3-4 days a week; one day a week I'm either in teacher training or if everyone else is out, I get a private lesson. I finished my short stick form, and last week I got to start working with the nunchucks. And then I jammed my finger. Ow ow ow, I need to get a set to practice with. And a short stick, because my 2 foot long spoon is not enough. I am slowly building towards finishing all the material for my belt, but I've got a physical test to worry about too, before I can make brown. My goal is to make it by the end of summer, but damn have I got to get better at pushups :(

Last friday, we did something I thought was super fun. C has been very into playing with a hula hoop down at the dojo, and I knew we'd have a BUNCH of kids at the house. So... I found a tutorial on making hoops. I bought the supplies and we made hoops! It was super cool. I think the kids really enjoyed it too. I had some electrical tape in different colors so the kids could personalize their hoops as well. I had enough to make 7 kids hoops, and I could probably make 2 or 3 adult hoops with what I have left. SO MUCH FUN.

On Saturday, we went up to south SF to see Signing time Rachel. YAY. Apparently theyv'e got another kickstarter project in the works. Because I NEED MORE KICKSTARTERS.

Current kickstarters: - 3D printed Barbie armor. SERIOUSLY. - Yellowberry; because young women should have not-shitty bras.

I'm considering - it's made goal and it ends in about a day. I'm undecided.

Also, I am tired and should go to bed. Woop woop.

The tireds, I am full of them

BSG - Gencon 2006

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It's been a busy couple of weeks since I was hired full time at Acquia. Upon signing my offer letter, I was told to book a flight to Boston for Build Week. If you aren't familiar with the idea - all of our engineering department got together on-site and Built Things. For most of a week. There are a lot of really, really smart people in that group. Hell, there's a lot of really smart people in the company.

I flew to Boston and managed to catch a slightly earlier shuttle than my planned one out to the hotel in Burlington. BTW, the suites at the Hyatt House? NICE. Two bedroom suites, king beds, with full bathrooms. A full kitchen with a real stove and oven and refrigerator and microwave shared between the two rooms. The breakfast buffet did not suck either.

It was damn cold out there, but I was prepared (yes, some Californians know how to read a weather forecast). I had plenty of my own wool stuff to wear so I never really got cold except when I had to take my gloves off for something. Annoyingly, I somehow managed to pop stitches in my Rogue sweater in 4 places :( I was working on my super awesome Ribby Pulli though, so I had yarn to do emergency repairs with. i was trying to get that sweater done before I flew out; I finished it on the flight home. I promised my roommate pictures though, which I still need to do.

I got to meet my boss for real on sunday night, and saw a bunch of people I'd known for years. On monday, I got to meet most of the support folks, which was AWESOME. I got a good laugh when none of them recognized me until I turned sideways. "OH now I recognize the profile!" - my laptop is to the side of my actual work monitors, so nobody ever sees me face-on :D

I got to meet my own team, including our spectacular editor. I traded off time between her desk, and sitting with the support team; the docs team works to make sure we're all doing things the same way, but my *job* really is all about making support's life better and easier.

Monday and Tuesday night I went out with the awesome Tashabear, whom I have known for many years through livejournal and twitter and Ravelry. She took me out to dinner and Tuesday we went to her dojo, where I learned a karambit form and sensei sent me home with a practice weapon, WOO.

Wednesday was LAN party night. We played Xonotic, which is pretty much an open source version of Unreal Tournament. It was a lot of fun, and I was not always the worst player on the teams.

Thursday was something; there was a storm that swept through, and for a while we couldn't see the the parking lot - there was a bit where we were concerned about getting back to the hotel in the shuttles. I spent some quality time with the folks on my team who were there, but once the shuttles came, I fled for the hotel to make sure I'd get there. There was a great deal of drinking - I discovered (thanks to my coworkers) Angel's envy - bourbon aged in a port cask, oh yes.

Friday was fortunately uneventful. I struck gold on the Virgin America check in - the counter agent told me exactly when I needed to be back to my gate, how crappy the food was there, and where I should go for good food (at least, as good as you can get in an airport). So I got me a lobstah roll and made it to my plane.

I got a bit of sleep, then did breakfast for the family ( and Angie, who super helpfully stayed over so Earl did not have to drag the kids to SFO at 11 PM). We went up to the nephew's birthday party. I fell asleep at the same time R did (I lay down with MOMMY) and proceeded to pretty much sleep for the next 11 hours. Sunday was a day of being flat. I did some unpacking, but happily monday was a day off YAY and I unpacked and did some dishes and built a laundry sorter cart and culled some t-shirts ( there are at least two shirt quilts in my future). Holy carp I have so many shirts. I could make an entire quilt out of my Drupal shirts alone. I'm not, but I COULD.

Npw I need to integrate my work laptop (hello, MacBook Air!) into my KVM environment - which is going to cost me, because airs are not compatible with my kvm. But I've wanted to update mine to a USB one for a while and haven't managed to do so yet.

Tomorrow, we hopefully make it back to the dojo here at home, and I'll be able to crank out some real work. I'm part way through another project (hats for a costume), but my official "need to make" queue is empty after this. I want to do some clothes for the dolls I made for the kids, and I may very well start on that, but I think I'm going to pull out my spinning wheel and spend a little quality time with one of them, too.

I'm a real boy! Er. girl. whatever

BSG - Gencon 2006

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Two weeks ago, I was formally Acquiasitioned, and I'm now a full time employee, with REAL BENEFITS AND STUFF.

This is a major win. Because paying for your own benefits bites ass. Also, 401k and stuff.

I've actually been contracting for Acquia since last May, but it took this long to get me hired on as a 'real', full-time employee. My team is awesome, and the teams I work with are awesome.

We have a new bathroom! It still is super nice. And bright! And feels less nasty with cat litter! winwinwin. We're planning/hoping to redo the kitchen in a few months as well, when Earl is ready and we're sure that the cash is all in place to do it.

We're also getting a new bed! WOO NEW BED - a giant king sized memory foam thing. OOOh yeah. Just in time for me to travel to Boston for a company on-site. At least I'm looking forward to meeting my coworkers, and a friend I've had online for gosh, years now. WHEET.

I'm knitting like mad. I've made a doll for each of the kids (zomg cute), and I started a sweater on sunday. I've got the sleeves done and I started the body last night. Crossing fingers that I have enough yarn (I should, but.. YOU NEVER KNOW).

Also, I am hungry and I want a burrito.

Through the holidays

BSG - Gencon 2006

Originally published at Esmerel's blabber space. You can comment here or there.

It has been a long couple of months.

We have pretty much been sick since Thanksgiving with one virus after another.

We had a fantastic trip to Disneyland right before that, though, with the Brauer family, plus we got to see the Shannon-Moore family while there, and the Seldmans as well. It was SUPER awesome to get to see everyone and having the extra adults to keep eyes on the kids was awesome. SO much nicer and easier than going it alone.

I was dumb and thought I saw a friend I had in high school, but I wasn't sure it was her so I didn't yell out. IT WAS HER AND I MISSED HER. Bah.

Christmas was also nice; we had a small gathering and there was delicious foods.

We also got a new bathroom! The master bath was remodeled a few days after Xmas, and finished on NYE. The vanity and cabinet match the other bathroom, but the flooring is nicer and it's SO BRIGHT. Plus I got to hang up some artwork that we were given YEARS ago but had no real place to put.

I am knitting again, and regularly. I made a couple of hats for someone at C's school for christmas, and then started on a doll for C. R wants one too, so that one is in progress. I made some mittens and a hat for him already. Ooh, I should totally do that for his doll, too! :D I have a ton of projects that I actually want to work on, too.

We binge-watched all of Sherlock in the last few days. So much fun! I haven't actually watched Benedict Cumberbatch in anything before (no, I am sorry, but Smaug doesn't count), so now I kind of see what people are talking about. Also binge watching now means hey, I only have to wait a couple of weeks for the season to premier here :D I already liked Martin Freeman from seeing the Hobbit, so hey, it was a win.

I've been playing Skyrim when I can, and working, and all that kind of stuff. I suspect there will be less Skyrim and more knitting in the next few months because we're watching SO MANY TV SHOWS right now and they're all starting up again this week.

Agents of Shield
The Blacklist (not a great show, but James Spader OM NOM NOM SCENERY)
Hawaii 5 0 (granted this is kind of at the bottom of the list but I like to look at Alex O'Laughlin and listen to Scott Caan deliver lines)
... I'm missing something. We pretty much dropped White Collar a couple of episodes into the season because neither of us liked the way the storyline was going.

We also got to Skype with Rachel Coleman yesterday! That was super cool. It was the reward we chose for the Rachel and the Treeschoolers kickstarter. I admit, it was pretty warming when she got on with us and said "Oh! It's you guys!" :)

And um. I guess that is most of the news that I can currently think of.

A little here, a little there

BSG - Gencon 2006

Originally published at Esmerel's blabber space. You can comment here or there.

It hasn't been a *bad* couple of weeks here, but it hasn't been the best either. Everyone except Earl came down with a cold (in succession, including both people who nanny for us). It's not the worst cold I've ever had, but it was enough to make one feel like a ball of crap for a couple of days. Thankfully, everyone seems to be pretty much over it now, except for a bit of a lingering cough. Because it's that time of year.

We finally made it back into the dojo on saturday - I still had to take it easy because swollen bronchial tubes + aerobic exercise are not the greatest mix. Still, it was nice to get back in there and help referee and at least shake some rust off.

We hit Trader Joes before heading home. The sampler table was baguettes and herbed brie dip. OMG SO TASTY. C said, "That is SO GOOD. Can we get some?" Me:... the child wants brie. "OK, sure!" Yeah, the entire thing went. 10 minutes in the oven to heat the baguette and VIOLA DELICIOUSNESS. Plus I had a bottle of the Angry Orchard Traditional Dry with it. Even tastier.

I managed to do a bit of laundry, but the stupid drain is backing up, which is a complete pain in the ass. I'll have to try vinegaring the hell out of it tomorrow.

BUT, on the 'tasks that have sat too long' front, I managed to apply a coat of water sealant to the play structure out back. A year of kids playing on it took off quite a bit of the coat. I haven't tested it to make sure it's good and coated, but it looked ok as I finished up. I've been meaning to do that for a few months now and it's DONE. Hopefully that'll protect it for another year, and just in time since I think there's some possible rain next week.

I also got tired of all the artwork being all over the place. We'd taken everything down when we redid the family room and put the new pantries in the dining room. All the artwork that was in the dining room is now in the hallway, causing C to exclaim, "What?! Are we turning the hallway into an art gallery?" Now the lovely picture Clay left for me is not by its lonesome any more. Best of all, it only took 15 minutes or so to do. Now we really need to get the artwork in the living room re-hung.

Work is still pretty good. I have tons and tons to do, and I have something I forgot to fix that I need to do tomorrow. If I remember. My team is terrific, and it's nice to get paid.

And now it is super late, but at least C doesn't have to get up for school tomorrow so maybe if I'm SUPER DUPER LUCKY, R will sleep in just a little too.


Posting fails

BSG - Gencon 2006

Originally published at Esmerel's blabber space. You can comment here or there.

For serious.

I've been working and kids and and and.

The short version of recent events:
Small knitting project finished. Need to ship it off, along with two other packages.

Fixed the warp on the cricket. Hopefully now the elder child will actually work on it! We came up with an idea for christmas presents she could make.

Watched the broncos win.

Finished a game I'd been sitting on for a year (screw the side quests GO FOR THE GOLD).

Made some sugar cookie pinwheels (the log is chilling, I'll probably bake it tomorrow).

Now I'm kind of between several projects! I have some socks to finish, so that'll be the go-to project.

Holy carp it's bed time. I'm not REAAAAAAAADY.

Hopefully C will feel well enough we can actually go to kung fu tomorrow.

I've been doing a lot of cooking. Earl's work schedule has been a little nuts so I have stepped up on the cooking front some.

That's not an excuse for the cookies. I just found a recipe that sounded good and made it.

Mom and I came up with an awesome idea for next year's fantasy faire. BWAHAHAHAHA. And we have all winter to work on it, so that should be cool :D


BSG - Gencon 2006
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